Friday, August 05, 2005

women after the baby is born

Women in Indonesian are working outside the home more than never before.
The majority of families with children follow the traditional pattern of working father and stay at home mother.

Because women traditional taken care of children, and especially after the baby is born, she can't go outside the home, just stay at home one weeks or two weeks, and she must drink traditional jamu and put powder jamu(like masker) her brow and must wear a corset for her stomach.

And the baby wears a special baby robe made of cotton until 6 months or 1 year. And no one praises the baby, because
it mean make something opposite coming(evil eye). the baby ought not to sleeps if
sunshine coming.
But sometime the culture different tradition on different Indonesian island
or village, and not all people follow the traditional, any people not follow traditional.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The movie

I don't like go to the movie, because I can't stay long time inside, because I have elergic. The movie rooms to cold for me
When I was child,my father and I went to the movie,just cauple menit inside I was dizzy end I got flu. after that my father took me go outside.
After it occurrence, I have been never go to the movie. I wach the movie in the video end on TV.
My type of movie is action.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


They Laughing kookabura has a distinetive,
"laugh" that is often head at down and dusk.

They are live in throughout most of eastern

It has a large and strong beak, than it uses to
eat snak and other animal.

The familiar call is often give by chorus and
their offspring in this way they family annaunses
it's teritory and are raised when a bird is giving
it's call.


Wombat are marsupial. They are one of Australia
most endangered marsupial. And they are

They are live in Australia

It has 33 cms tall and almost 1 metre long, and
weigh around 35 kgs. They have short powerful
legs and strong cloes for digging.

Wombat babies are born it's very tiny. It climbs
in to the pouches and live there until they are old
enough to leave the pouch for a short time.

Each day it goes out into the worid and then comes
back into the pouch to drink and sleep.
The uses the front legs to dig a burrow and that is
where they sleep. Usually they sleep during the day
and look for food at night.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


4 april 2005

Dear Sister

Here we are in the Opera House in Sydney, do you know the Opera House?
It's a very famous building worldwide. The weather is beautiful. The air is very fresh.
Aussie people some are friendly and some are racist.
We prefer to eat seafood and fruit because it's very hard to findt halal shops.
We visit The Harbour bridge and the city too, it's not to far from Opera house.
We are really enjoying it here.
How is everything with you?
I miss you forever.
nentis xxxxx

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My desricption

My name is Gushelfi Nentis, my first name nentis. my family name from my mother and father.
Gus name from is my father and helfi name from is my mother. I come from Indonesian, I originaly come from padang. Padang is a part of west Sumatera.

I am married. I've got two sisters and three brothers, they are live Indonesian. But I've got cousins here and their family and one brother in low and his wife, and I've got 10 nephews and nieces from them.

I arrived in Australian about three years ago. I lived in Penshurst. I lived in Penshurst since arrived here, my husband lakes this area because it's close to anywhere, close for him to work.
My husband has second jobs, one in Sutherland Hospital and another one in Alexandria. And close with me going to school too. I like too lived in there.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Sorry!!! I have no idea of what to think for the story about these pictures, because Ive never seen the snow before.

How can I writing about this picture and the snow?

But ... reminds me, the story cousin ...she first time came to Italian for,

there was... little girl.

when she got to Italian with her father, she does'nt know the weather was winter. When the plane was landing, she saw the outside the window it was snow. she had astonishment and confused, she didn't want to got outside, she said "I can't breathe because ... too cold and my bones will be crushed".

After her father and attendant attemp ti gave interpretation so that she was try step by step got outside and then after that she falt oky,she want to got to the hotel.

Just ...silly story from my cousin when she first time saw the snow.